Microsoft Software Update Installed on Tablets


Viviana Camarillo

Since Windows 10 was introduced July 29, 2015, it has been downloaded over 75 million times.

Windows 10, Microsoft’s newest software update, was installed on the school tablets this year.

A new feature of the Windows 10 update is the software’s ability to start up faster, with fewer complications.

“Logging on is more streamlined now,” English teacher Kandice Trujillo said. “It was kind of difficult at first, [but] it’s a little bit easier to access everything [by] not having a lot of passwords.”

The Windows 10 update allows users to utilize OneDrive, a cloud storage used for backing up and organizing files.

“By using OneDrive, you don’t have a chance of losing your [documents],” senior Mashal Ali said. “It’s easier for students to be organized instead of having multiple drives.”

Windows also replaced Internet Explorer with a new browser called Microsoft Edge. The browser gives students the ability to write or take notes directly on web pages.

“Writing on web pages will definitely help me with English and taking notes over books we’re reading,” freshman Chloe Snider said. “It will also improve my biology notes because I can draw charts and diagrams to study.”

Microsoft has introduced more ways for users to personalize their Windows experience by allowing more customization options. Users can choose from four different themes in the Microsoft Office programs by accessing their account settings and clicking the dropbox for ‘themes.’

“I think that it’s good we’re getting the newest software on our laptops,” Ali said. “It’s a little different. I know a lot of students don’t like how the settings [are] different, especially the seniors and juniors who’ve had the same laptops for the last three to four years, but I think lots of students love the experience we’re getting with the new software.”