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Hunting for Success: Junior Double Crosses as DJ, CIA Hopeful

Hunting for Success: Junior Double Crosses as DJ, CIA Hopeful
Photo by Hannah McGee

In the corner of a dark laser lit club, a DJ stands behind a table, surrounded by extension cords, speakers and turntables. The bass pulses throughout the crowd as he controls the music.

After going with his cousin to the KKHH 95.7 studio last summer, junior Hunter Horne has taken on being a DJ.

“He introduced me to DJ Penetrate from 95.7 and I was like ‘oh that’s cool’ because he’s rich and so that’s something cool to do,” Horne said. “I saved up some money and bought all my equipment and got started.”

According to Horne, whose DJ name is DJ Elevate, his hobby provides an opportunity to meet new people.

“I get to meet a lot of people that most people don’t get the chance too,” Horne said. “I’ve met LMFAO and Hyper Crush. It’s cool being able to see how all that stuff works, watching all the people, how they rap and if they like my music. Just trying different genres all that is fun.”

For Horne’s friend, junior Mina Blum, finding out that Horne was a DJ was shocking at first.

“He doesn’t come off as the type of person who would do that, he stays under the radar,” Blum said. “After he told me about the different stuff he does and how he gets paid for it, I mean, if it makes money then do it. But apparently he’s really good.”

Horne’s mother, Martha Horne, said that she is very proud of her son for finding something he loves.

“I know nothing about music or the industry, but after he started, he really liked it,” Martha Horne said. “He’s getting T-shirts, business cards and a website. All that seemed like he was investing a lot of his time and money into it, but I’ve obviously heard him and seen him, and it’s great and well worth it. I’m a mother and I even enjoy the music he makes.”

Aside from being a DJ, Hunter Horne also has aspirations of becoming a CIA agent. This summer he will attend a CIA internship in Washington D.C.

“At the camp they’ll introduce me to how the CIA works and I get to work alongside agents that are currently in the organizations to see how it is,” Horne said. “It takes about three months to mail in an application and all that, and they have to make sure that I didn’t have a criminal history or any felony charges. It’s basic government stuff.”

According to Martha Horne, her son’s dream of becoming a CIA agent stems from family ties to government jobs.

“Originally he wanted to be just a police officer,” Martha Horne said. “My fiancé has a cousin in the FBI, and after Hunter met and talked with him, he did research for hours and hours about everything and decided that he wanted to do either the FBI or CIA. He kept on looking into it and eventually branched out and decided to go with the CIA, because he is very interested in Global Affairs.”

Hunter Horne is also a photographer on the school yearbook staff. For Blum, it is his dedication to what he does that sets him apart as a person.

“He takes it very seriously and he doesn’t joke around with it and I know it’s going to be some part of his future,” Blum said. “Once he graduates he’s not going to DJ anymore, he’s going to work on the CIA thing. It’s hard to read him at first, but pretty much his life consists of yearbook and being a DJ. He doesn’t even have a Facebook, and if you text him, chances are he won’t reply. That’s just what he does. He’s very trustworthy and he’s super loyal.”

Martha Horne said that she is excited to see what the future holds for her son.

“Between the CIA camp and all his other things on the side, it’s coming together and it will be great to see the result of what he ends up doing,” Martha Horne said. ” Hunter is the best son I could ask for, and on top of that and everything else, his little brother Cameron looks up to him like a hero. Hunter is protective of his little brother and always does things with him like helping with his homework, and taking him to the park. He is always finding time for his little brother and tries everything he can to be the best role model he can.”

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