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Menu Items Available to In-the-Know Customers

One beef patty, a lone fish filet, and a single chicken patty. Separate, they are the Quarter Pounder, the Filet-O-Fish, and the McChicken.  Together, when piled between two buns, they form the Land, Sea, and Air burger.

Fast food restaurants offer secret menu items upon customer request. According to Jack in the Box employee junior Summer Salim, the restaurant offers a free secret sauce.

“From what I’ve seen, only a select few customers are actually aware of it,” she said. “A customer came in one day and requested secret sauce. I was confused because I wasn’t aware there was such a thing available at Jack in the Box. I had to ask my supervisor for help finding it.”

According to sophomore Kelsey Horn, Spring-Creek Barbeque offers hidden extras with their fry basket.

“People put chopped beef on it with cheese,” she said.  “It’s not on the menu they just come in and tell us we want French fries with cheese and chopped beef.”
The unnamed special fry basket was created in the restaurant by a worker and costs no more than regular fries. Horn said approximately only five people come in on the weekends and order the secret item.

“Every employee knew what it was because our manager came up with it,” she said. “When employees are on break and you get tired of eating the same things over and over again, you start coming up with your own stuff that you have there to make. Then employees would try it then our friends would try it and they’d tell other people about it.”

Junior Priyanka Thakker said the items usually are not original ideas and are spread around because of common wants.

“It’s just people that go out together who know about them,” Thakker said. “I don’t think that they invent their own it’s just that they hear it from other people in other states. It just passes along. Maybe someone can make something up that works there and if someone asks for something similar they can be like ‘hey you know I made this thing up’.”

Items should be kept off the menu if only to preserve the fun surrounding hidden items according to Thakker.

“It’s better if it’s exclusive to those who know about it,” she said. “To find out just ask people who know the secret items. If people go out a bunch, say ‘hey is there anything cool that I could get here’.”

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