Movie Projects X-treme Ignorance onto Teens

Movie Projects X-treme Ignorance onto Teens

Forget partying like rock stars, since the release of “Project X” all teens want to do is party like Thomas, Costa and JB, a trio of senior friends who throw what is perhaps the most outrageously, impossible party of all time.

The movie, although comical and entertaining deludes teens into their already popular thinking that to be “cool,” one must be a moronic, drug and alcohol-abuser who throws great parties.

Although the movie somewhat shows the negative consequences for the teen’s behaviors, it does so in a twisted way. The movie’s creators disregard the thousands of dollars that Costa’s family pays to keep him out of jail, the three jail sentences that Thomas must complete and the horrendous fire that burns down half of Thomas’ block and instead make them “cool” and amusing with the reaction of Thomas’ peers and the final scene where Costa invites his interviewer to his next party. The movie may include the outcomes of such irresponsible decisions as drug intake and alcohol abuse, however its spin on these serious repercussions is worrisome for it makes teens think that one party, however amazing it may be, is worth the serious real-world problems it can create.

Furthermore, the movie promotes Hollywood’s influence on teen binge drinking. A recent study conducted by German researchers found that in six European nations teens were more likely to indulge in binge drinking as a result of seeing actors on the big screen doing the same.  The study was conducted on 16,000 students whom examined close to 600 films from 2004 to 2009 of which 86 include alcohol consumption. They were then asked about personal consumption of the substance and deduced that those who watched scenes featuring alcohol use were 14 percent more likely to drink. The study is mirrored by another in the February issue of the British Medical Journal Open which deduced that U.S. teens were twice as likely to drink as a result of Hollywood.

“Project X” was funny as intended, but its underlying, perhaps unintended effects on teens overshadows its initial purpose. The movie provides adolescents with schemes of crazy, irresponsible parties that in the end will certainly create more serious problems than even a party attended by world-renown rapper Kanye West, is worth.