Workroom Employee Receives Easter Surprise

Tiny noises emanate from the box sitting atop workroom employee Brittany Yates’ desk. As she slowly approaches her desk the noise becomes more audible until finally a distinct chirp, chirp is heard. Gingerly Yates opens the box to find two tiny chicks peaking  in delight to see her.

“She looked like a three-year-old at Christmas,” co-worker and chicks purchaser Kerri McDuffie said.

The chicks from PetFair in the Woodlands were delivered to the workroom after a call from Duffie.

“I was talking this morning to Mrs. McDuffie,” Yates said.  “Just a random conversation about how as a little girl, my parents never let me have colored baby chicks for Easter. Then mysteriously, by way of box, a blue and a green baby chick were delivered to the workroom.”

Duffie, who saw the chicks the day before recalled the chicks after the conversation and called the store.

“I saw them inside the pet store and I knew somebody needed them because they were really cute, so who better to have them than Brittany,” Duffie said.

Yates, who named the blue and green chicks Juliet and Debbie respectively, plans to keep the chicks.

“My dreams have come true and the void has been filled,” she said.