Area Haunted Houses Evaluated

Sanah Jivani, Staff Writer

With fall weather comes sweaters, bright leaves and Halloween. Halloween can be considered special for everyone, whether it be for the candy or for the costumes. Overall, Halloween brings a thrill that not many other things can bring. With haunted houses at every corner, people are always looking for the one that will bring them the most excitement.

Screamworld, Phobia and Texas Chainsaw Maze are three of the major haunted houses in the area. They all start around mid-September and go on until early November. The prices of each of these haunted houses are about $15 to $20 per house, and the Texas Chainsaw Maze is free. People are always comparing the three haunted houses, describing the overall value and quality.

Screamworld and Phobia both have long, but tolerable lines. According to reviews, Screamworld has been rated 3 out of 5 stars while Phobia has been rated 4 out of 5 stars. Even though the lines are the same length, Phobia brings more of a real experience to those in the house. At Screamworld, most of it feels staged and the options are limited. At Phobia, customers have houses to choose from. The line at Texas Chainsaw Maze is longer than both of these haunted houses because of the free entry. Despite the length of the line, Texas Chainsaw Maze definitely provides their customers a thrill that is unique from others. All three of these haunted houses definitely have their perks and flaws, but bring a good overall thrill to all customers.

Despite the long lines and prices, I find haunted houses to be worth the experience. They bring excitement and can be a fun place to hang out with friends. Halloween isn’t complete without the fear and excitement. No matter which house you decide to go to, you’ll definitely get some kind of a scare.