Public display of awkwardness

Putting girls on the spot forces them to say ‘yes’


Cristal Gomez / Legacy Media

Homecoming proposals affect several students, pressuring them and putting them in the spotlight.

She only has one option. Yes.

‘Tis the season of homecoming. The time of banners in the cafeteria and flower petals on the floor. Lovely. Yesterday, I, along with countless other students, witnessed a homecoming invitation where a boy popped out of a box with flowers. At first, this can be construed as romantic and sweet, but as we dig deeper into the story we find out that she doesn’t know him. The poor girl was stranded on an island of awkwardness, her only lifeline being the bouquet of flowers in front of her blushing face. This happens all too often, any sort of public proposal has become the height of romantic gestures. This is wrong on so many levels but for the sake of time and space, we will only break down two.

For starters, cornering a girl in public is borderline manipulation. All eyes are on her and the crowd may or may not be chanting something like “say yes,” that is if they aren’t holding their breath in anticipation. Talk about peer pressure. In reality, it’s a question but the choice is already made and frankly, it’s not up to her. In the heat of the moment and in a crowd of any size, no girl is able to say no. If she did, every spectator would automatically label her a jerk because how could she say no after he went through the trouble to set that up?

Secondly, for all those able to get past the whole manipulating another human being thing, the public invitation sets up an image for those watching. While some may glow green with envy, others may sneer condescendingly. Watching another couple on the jumbotron can cause intense friction between other couples, the guy uncomfortably switching his weight in his seat while his girlfriend itches for a moment of her own (or vice versa). It may work out perfectly in the movies, but screenwriters aren’t to be taken seriously. Not everyone in the crowd will be pleased for the happy couple, some may actually be annoyed to a certain extent.

Sure, popular reply is that the girl could simply decline the invitation. It’s simply not that simple. No girl in her right mind will coldly turn down a guy in public, no matter how bad she may want to. There’s a time and place for everything. Therefore, it is imperative that both parties are clear on the rules of engagement here. Guys, don’t take advantage of a girl’s vulnerability when she is surrounded by people. Ladies, make sure your vulnerability isn’t attacked under false pretenses.