RenFest survival guide

It’s that time again. The strange costumes, the food, the music — it’s the Renaissance Festival.

While RenFest is mostly safe, don’t go in without some tips to make the most of it.

1. Set aside money for food. You don’t want to buy something awesome before realizing you have no money for a burger.

2. Look at ALL the shops before deciding what is a must-have. Seeing a perfect gift for yourself with no money feels terrible.

3. Watch out for the beggar with the cart. He walks around and will randomly sit down and hurl insults at anyone around.

4. Bring lots of cash. Everything is expensive, yet definitely worth it.

5. Watch out for guys pulling carts of people. If you hear a bell behind you, quickly get out of the way.

6. Don’t buy pretzels that have been hanging on a stick above some guy’s head all day with flies all around it. Just don’t.

7. The “Dead Bob” show and “Fire Whip” show are both must-sees for any RenFest attendee.

8. Don’t be afraid to dress up. Dressing up is the best part about the festival besides the funnel cakes.

9. Make sure to stop by the Magic Garden walk. There is beautiful scenery, lots of statues and benches. It is a quiet place to just take it easy for a bit.

10. Be safe, make sure to have at least one other person with you. Have fun!