Behind the screens

Student expresses views on phone usage in everyday life


Karley Crawford / Legacy Media

Instead of watching concerts live, several watch concerts through their phone.

*ring, ring*

With these two sounds, the world seems to be put on hold. When the phone screams for attention, it is second nature for this generation to give in.

Even though I am guilty of this myself, there is nothing I hate more than being with friends, just to realize I am not as interesting as Instagram or Twitter. Maybe I only surround myself with people who are addicted to technology, but it seems that everyone these days lives on their phones. No matter when or where, no one can seem to resist checking their notifications or getting a quick look at their news feed.


Every once and a while I get dressed up and go to the theater to see a newly-released movie. I cannot take my eyes off the screen, until that small square illuminating the room below me clicks on. Although I remember, those are not allowed to be out once the movie starts, sometimes I find myself not being able to resist the temptation because the rule is hardly ever enforced.

Behind the wheel.

Speeding tickets? Try texting tickets. A study at Virginia Tech shows more than 3,000 teens die each year in crashes caused by texting while driving. Drivers are 23 times more likely to crash while using their phone. At least once a day a car swerves into my lane, the driver fully engrossed in sending a text or checking their email. Not being able to resist the urge while driving is a problem that could cost a life. No one should be that desperate to check their phone.


When most people think of a concert, they think of standing and singing along with their favorite band in a big venue, surrounded by fellow fans. Reality: standing and singing along with their favorite band while recording every song and snapping a shot of the band’s every move. Instead of enjoying the live performance, most people I see at a show are on their phone to get just one more video. Who’s going to go back and watch all twenty of those videos? I know I won’t.

Obviously the usage of cell phones in public has become a bit of an issue. People can’t seem to restrain themselves from using it, let alone keep them out of sight. Teenagers in this generation would rather be confined to their room for several days as a punishment rather than have their phone taken up for one. Take a step back and realize how much time is being wasted using phones. Live a little, with no distractions and not behind the small screen of a cell phone.