SOS: Save our space


Olivia Borg / Legacy Media

Many people deny hugs and other bodily contact due to discomfort.

The world is filled with those who are okay with being touched, and those who think of being touched as anything less than an attempt on their life.

It was just after third period. I was on my way to my class and a friend of mine goes for a hug. I back away and tell her that I do not touch people and would prefer for people to not touch me. Expecting her to back off, I let my guard down and continue walking to class. Surprise, surprise, I am enveloped in an enormous hug that consists not of one person, no, not two, but three people. The leisurely walk to fourth period just turned into my worst nightmare.

It is a fact of life: some people like giant group hugs and some people do not want anything to do with any sort of bodily contact. Some people just do not like to be touched. There may not be a reason or there might a hundred reasons. If a student asks to not be hugged or says that they do not like hugs, that is not an invitation for a giant bone-crushing bear hug. Respect their wishes and opt for a handshake or high-five.

Please, do not try to be funny. If a person asks for their personal bubble, do not be that person who pokes the air around them and says, “I popped your bubble,” and laughs. It is old, overused, and everyone has heard it a hundred times over. Do not pop the bubble. The bubble-poppers should be put to a stop and the world will be a better place for all of humanity.

Those who enjoy hugs and do not mind people being within a six-inch radius of them at any given time, argue that hugging a person every time they ask not to be hugged is “just a joke” or they are “just trying to help.” News flash: if that person wants help, they will ask. There is nothing wrong with not liking people touching you or getting too close to you.

Make parents everywhere proud and use the rule that was taught to children everywhere “No means no.” Students are fine the way they are whether they go around hugging anyone they meet, or go around in a giant plastic bubble. Some people do not like being touched. There is nothing wrong with them, and it should not be treated as a source of entertainment, but taken seriously and respected.