Stop hating on Kidz Bop


Taylor Confer / Legacy Media

Kidz Bop released its first album in 2001.

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The title says it all. Everyone needs to back off of Kidz Bop.

Kidz Bop is a group of young children and preteens who remix popular songs and childproof them.

So what is the problem?

People, especially teenagers, will pass judgment on things that they have never experienced or have only experienced once. Some people have never even listened to a full song produced by Kidz Bop, and judge it simply from hearing them on commercials or going along on what their friends say about them.

First off, Kidz Bop is not as horrid and terrible as many people think it is. Many children, even teens, listen to Kidz Bop because they believe in dreams. The kids in Kidz Bop are simply fulfilling their goals and dreams in life, to be professional singers never mind that their voices do not meet a certain standard.

They are children, having fun and remixing popular songs. They make music videos, travel the world and meet new people who rather enjoy their music. They are actually starting a career at a young age and that is truly captivating.

It is understandable that some people are not into the whole children’s choir thing, and that is fine, yet showing such negativity is like going to a pre-school and telling the choir class that they suck. It is denying someone their dreams. Do not be that guy.

Remember when you were younger and you wanted to become a singer although your pitch was too high and you were out of tune? People do not care about the amount of effort and hard work they put in, in order to entertain the people who are quick to pass judgment.

So, everyone needs to stop hating on Kidz Bop.