E-books vs books


Olivia Borg / Legacy Media

There are several advantages and disadvantages when it comes to digital books versus paperback books.

In today’s society, it seems that everyone is obsessed with technology. More often people are glued to their phone or computer. With the rise of all this technology, it is getting harder and harder to find someone reading a book. People today are reading more on tablets and less on paper.

Books have their flaws. They require lights, they can be heavy, they can be expensive and it can be a hassle having to go to a bookstore to get the book you want, if they even have that one particular book in stock. This makes e-books seem like the better choice.

E-books are electronic books that can be found on tablets like the Nook and Kindle for equal or lesser value than their hard copy companions. They allow the reader to store all of their books in one lightweight, portable place. While these pros make e-books seem like the better choice, books are still better.

For instance, hard copy books are more accessible. Readers can read longer during long car rides or while flying on a plane without the worry of having to charge their table. Tablets must be charged in order to read. Books don’t have to be charged at all, allowing readers to read for longer periods of time.

Also, electronic books don’t have that new or old book smell, nor does one get to enjoy actually turning the pages. One thing many readers enjoy about books is the smell of the pages. On tablet, the reader doesn’t get to enjoy this sensation.

Hard copy can take damage better than tablets. Books are able to get food on them, can handle spills and also survive falls of greater heights than tablets. Also, e-books are subject to disappear if there is copyright issues with publishers.

Lastly, hard copy books can improve relationships. Parents can spend time with their child reading to them at night or a reader can share their favorite books with friends and family members.

Avid readers can argue the pros and cons for days, but nothing will ever beat the feeling of buying a new or used book from the bookstore, flipping through the pages, and taking a break from technology.