The right colors for the right time


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As the seasons change, colors can be worn to match accordingly.

When going from one season to the next, some people are not aware of the fashion appropriate color scheme that goes along with the seasonal transition. From summer into fall and winter into spring, the colors being worn are essential.

Normally, when people are not as fashion savvy, they tend to neglect matching the colors of their outfit with the current season because they are far more comfortable with wearing what they prefer and usually pair what they wear with how they are feeling. While most people are comfortable with matching their clothing according to the weather outside, matching the color to the season is often forgotten.

According to “The Chic Fashionista,” the “Seasonal color analysis” describes of the appropriate colors to wear during each season and also gives advice of tones that will help brighten and emphasize a person’s features, such as eye and hair color.

In autumn, the leaves change from green to yellow, red to orange and finally brown. This is when the weather starts to cool down, which is the perfect time to bring out dark jeans and long- sleeve shirts. Shades of red, and burnt orange are popular colors during this time of the year. Bright colors would be hard to find during this time of year, so it would be best to wear colors that would match the changing leaves.

“Teen Vogue” is a magazine that keeps up with yearly trends and suggests different styles for the different times of the year. Sweaters are very popular during this time, and dark colors are best. Purple, gray, maroon, dark pink, blue and are great colors to wear in the winter.

Spring follows right after and flowers begin to bloom and the weather begins to warm. Flower pattern clothing and pastel colors are the desired colors for this season. It would be smart to go for lighter colors, and not too bright, such as Pastel yellows, blues, pinks, and greens. White may also be worn.

With less than three months away from summer break, being in style for the hot, Texas weather is crucial. Summer clothing is fun and outgoing, so use bright summery colors to express these ideas. Neon and bold colors are what you want to have during this time.

Fashion is a fun way to express your personality, so be yourself, but keep the “Seasonal color analysis” in mind.