This just in, social media not destroying the world

Communication not faltering after introduction of social media


Kaitlyn Hutchins / Legacy Media

Social media helps introverts become more outgoing and involved.

Everybody beware, technology ruins generations, or connects friends and lovers and facilitates the spread of information; either, really. The truth of the matter is that while some people believe that technology drives children away from interaction and playing friendly neighborhood games of catch, it also opens doors to millions of opportunities.

Technology allows us to form bonds with people a world away, and strengthens the bonds we share with the people closest to us. Regardless of where people live in the world, from the sleepy suburb of Spring to the sprawling metropolis of Hong Kong, with an Internet connection people can forge friendships. Half a century ago, this kind of long distance communication was nearly impossible. Now, it is the norm.

The way we communicate evolves constantly. From the hand-written letter, to the telegram, to the electronic age of email and text message, innovation drives the way we connect with people. Text messaging and email are transmitted in a matter of seconds. Messaging applications such as ‘Kik’ and ‘Line’ even allow for the rapidity of real-time conversation. This flow of constant communication eases the struggle of social interaction and prepares those suffering from social anxiety for face-to-face situations. While before, introverts were left without alternative options for social interaction, social media and other technological developments offer a safe space to communicate.

While it is true that the influx of communication options social media provides leaves the streets a little quieter and the parks a little emptier, American society continues to thrive, just in a different way. The connections society now makes are unparalleled in history and continue to grow every day, birthing a generation connected like no other.