Community college viable option

Community Colleges such as Lonestar offer students an affordable higher education.

Michelle Abrams / Legacy Media

Community Colleges such as Lonestar offer students an affordable higher education.

When choosing where to apply for college, community college is not always looked upon favorably by students even though it is a great option.

There is nothing wrong with community college. It is affordable, close-to-home, and flexible. The idea that community college is a last resort or a place for those who do not care is a toxic idea. In all honesty, community college can be a great way to start off college. As a whole, community college is looked upon poorly by students, which can be damaging to a student’s self-esteem and can cause embarrassment.

Community college is cheaper than any four-year university. For example, the tuition for one 15 hour semester at Lone Star Community College is $932. Whereas, tuition at the University of Texas at Austin is around $5,000 for one semester. Taking required courses for about one-fifth of the cost of a university positively affects students financially. First students feel less pressure to rush into a major, while saving money.

Students can also continue to live at home, which can save upwards of $8,000. Community college classes also allow for a flexible schedule, giving students the opportunity to hold a job as they get an education. This means more money and less financial strain when the student decides to go to a four-year university. Another benefit is significantly smaller classes, which can be incredibly beneficial for students. Fewer students makes for fewer distractions, and students can get to know their professors better and even ask for help if they need it.

Those who prefer a four-year universities argue that community colleges do not offer students the true college experience and should be used as a last resort. The truth is, there is no point in spending more money on courses that could easily be taken at a college close to home. Students have plenty of time to get the college experience after taking courses at community college and transferring to a university.

Community college is a great way to get started in college without diving in all at once. Those who turn their noses up at the thought of community college should not put others down for where or how they choose to begin their college experience.