Dear Lovestruck Senior


I’m a senior and I have a girlfriend in 9th grade. I’m about to turn 18 and she’s still 15. Should I break up with her because of that?
-Lovestruck Senior

Dear Lovestruck Senior,

I see why you’re questioning the relationship, that’s definitely a major age barrier. You need to keep the future in mind and look at the relationship from that angle. When you go off to college, it will probably be hard for your girlfriend to cope without you. Think of yourself as a freshman. You’ve probably changed a lot since then. Your girlfriend just got into high school, she has a lot of maturing to do. As you know, these next four years will consist of ups and downs and by the time she’s done with them she’ll probably be a different person. Think about what will be best for both of you. If you’re only staying in the relationship because you’re scared to break her heart, realize that this is only her first year in high school and she has many more heartbreaks to come. Three years isn’t a huge barrier, but you have to remember she’s only a freshman. She has a lot of learning and growing to do, so you need to decide what will be best for her. If you really think you guys should stay together then be sure to talk to your parents and keep them involved so they can help you communicate even after your graduation. If you feel like you may break up with her at some point, do it as soon as you can. You don’t want to drag it out and hurt her even more in the end. If you’re having any doubts about the relationship at all, I say you should end it. If it was really meant to be, you wouldn’t have any doubts. She has four years of high school left and you have four years of college. Both of you are at completely different places in your lives and you have to keep that in mind. I know it may hurt now, but you have to keep the future in mind and decide what’s best. The decision is completely up to you.

Never stop thinking about the future,