Dancing her socks off


Karley Crawford / Legacy Media

An avid member of the colorguard, sophomore Hannah McMurray, practices her dancing outside the school.

A million and one things are going on in her head. However, while her mind is in chaos remembering the steps of the well-practiced routine, she smiles, donning her character face. Her heart is pounding, yet she knows she is ready. She has gone this far to reach her dream, and she’s not about to quit.

Sophomore Hannah McMurray has been dancing as long as she can remember. She says it was her mom who got her started in the art.

“My mother was the one to sign me up for dance classes at the tender age of one,” Hannah said. “Once I started making friends and getting the hang of it, I realized that dancing was a passion of mine. I never had the heart to quit because my friends were like my second family, and I would never turn my back on family.”

Hannah soon realized that she wanted to pursue dancing as a career, loving the movement and beauty of it. She says that majority of her time is put into dancing, including being a part of the schools Color Guard team.

“My dream career happens to be a professional ballerina, so of course dance had a major impact on my life,” Hannah said. “Just ask my dad how many times I kicked him in the face in our kitchen. Or how much I talk about different dance positions and routines. I literally eat, sleep, and breathe dance.”

Hannah’s mom, Lisa McMurray, is one of her greatest supporters. Lisa says that her daughter has a strong dedication for the art she creates.

“I honestly didn’t believe she would take her dancing career so far,” Lisa said. “As her mother, I try to provide her with all the resources to continue on her path. Hannah opens up on stage. She grows and shows the true passionate side that cannot be held back. I am extremely proud.”

Hannah has been in the downtown play “The Nutcracker,” for five years and has progressively improved in ability after each performance. She says that while people may think doing the same old show may seem boring to outsiders, knowing how many families come to watch as a family tradition sheds some light on what the production and cast are truly accomplishing, bringing together families to enjoy the hard work they put in.

“Every year I participate in ‘The Nutcracker,’ I gain a higher part in the play,” McMurray said. “At the top of the ladder, a dancer is crowned the Sugar Plum Fairy. That is a special goal of mine. Every year I finish a production of ‘The Nutcracker,’ a sense of relief fills me because I got through it and next year will be just as swell.”