Senior Class Favorites of 2015

Most likely to be a five star general: Collin Page and Naya Quintero

Most likely to be president: Marek Walker and Kennedi Ledesma

Mr. and Ms. Collins: Jonathan Selph and Katey Broadbent

Most likely to be an Olympian: Vincent Carag and Taylor Bennet

Most intellectual: Cameron Johnson and Aylish Wrench

Most likely to write a best-seller: Steven Davies and Ashley Fountain

Class Clowns: Keegan Kelly and Tina Stephanou

Most likely to save a life: Jeffery Bowcutt and Amy Washburn

Most likely to start a revolution: John Chipley and Sanah Jivani

Cutest best friends: Zach Burgett and Paul Waller

Most unique: Matthew Raddin and Kennedy Reece

Most musically inclined: Cole Corbett and Alysia Grimm

Most Classy: Ervin Bryant and Miriam Jacota

Most Artistic: Colton Evers and Michelle Inciarte