Perfect Harmony

Senior creates music to share with others


Karley Crawford / Legacy Media

Senior Euharra Brown uploads her music to SoundCloud to share her voice with the world.

The software logo appears on her screen and soon music swirls around her in a tornado of notes, rhythms and dynamics, flowing from the speakers She puts together the beat, layering sounds together like a painter layers colors, and then it is uploaded, ready to be viewed by the world.

Senior EuHarra Brown uses two computer programs to create music, which she uploads to her SoundCloud page, a website used for sharing music for people all over the world to listen to. Her page currently has 1,400 followers and 25,000 total plays.

“I’ve always been musically inclined,” Brown said. “I used to be in band and after sophomore year when I decided to stop band, I started to miss it, so I just looked up online music software and basically just taught myself everything from that point.”

Armed with a MIDI keyboard and a control board, Brown creates totally original music by making one track on each software and then syncing the two together. She started her page a year and a half ago, and in December began collaborating with another artist at the school.

“EuHarra is a very passionate musician and loves doing it,” senior Brandon Lauppe said. “I have always loved music as well and I told her we should start collaborating, so now we have been recording and producing music together.”

Brown’s inspiration comes from everywhere and continues to fuel her passion. She plans on continuing to make music, even though she will be getting a degree in audio engineering once she goes to college, spurred on by the motivating people and influences in her life.

“My mom is probably the biggest inspiration to me having an interest in music,” Brown said. “And also Dr. Dre, because he’s the best producer ever.”