Just keep swimming

Sophomore juggles busy school and swim schedule


Olivia Borg / Legacy Media

Sophomore Cole Woodeshick balances his busy schedule between swim and school.

Two words circle his head.

Finals. Practice.

Finals. After days and days of studying for AP World History, among other upper-level classes, he packs up the books for the night. He begins gathering his things for the next morning’s workout, preparing for his alarm set for 4:30 a.m.

Practice. Walking through the doors of the over-heated natatorium, a lengthy warm up is already written on the board. Arriving at 5:15 a.m. for 5:30 a.m. practice, he enters the locker room to put on his suit. He begins to stretch his sore muscles on the pool deck alongside his also-tired teammates. Standing at the edge of the pool, he takes a big leap into the chilling-cool water, beginning his day ready for hard work.

Sophomore Cole Woodeshick struggles to balance academics and athletics. Between all upper-level classes and being a part of the varsity swim team, sleep is lost and stress is accumulated.

“I find it easiest to maintain high grades and fast times through time management,” Woodeshick said. “I need to specifically know how much time I have and how much time is needed to complete the task at hand.”

Woodeshick’s teammates acknowledge the dedication and enthusiasm he brings to the swim team. They understand that bringing this to the team is what holds them together.

“Cole is a hard worker,” junior Trace Pantzis said. “His head is in a good place and he’ll push through.”

Although still very young, with two more years of high school ahead of him and many more AP classes and many more swim practices, Woodeshick always has words of wisdom. He understands why he has to work so hard and dedicate so much time.

“Yeah, it’s hard getting to bed late only to turn around and wake up so early for a hard work out,” he said. “Every morning at 5:30, right before I jump into the pool, I remember I go through this to go far in my sport. I remember what I’m working for.