For the love of God

Teachers fall in love during mission trip in China


Karley Crawford / Legacy Media

After meeting in China during a mission trip, teachers Jeffery and Nicole Depue have been married for four years.

It was their first kiss – and their wedding day.


Before he was a Physics teacher and she taught Special Education, Jeffery and Nicole Depue were both students at A&M. However it was not in the cozy comforts of College Station that they kindled their romance, but thousands of miles away in China.

“We liked each other, but we weren’t allowed to date, because we were on the same team for the mission trip and they didn’t want conflict,” Nicole said. “He had to ask special permission, and it took him months to get it.”

The pair got engaged in 2011, when he surprised her during a walk around the lake. Although they had been dating for a while, it was not until they were finally married that they shared their first kiss. According to junior Viviana Carreon, they are still incredibly adorable even after nearly four years of marriage.

“They’re basically a high school couple,” Carreon said. “They’re so cute and happy, and just a little bit awkward. She used to stop by during first period and they’d just say ‘hi’ and smile at each other.”

They met because they wanted to spread the word of God, and today it still remains their favorite thing about each other.

“I fell in love with her because I saw how much she loves Jesus Christ and the bible,” Jeffery said. “But also because she puts up with me.”