A different kind of equation

Calculus teacher wins fantasy football


Olivia Borg / Legacy Media

Teacher Elaine Drugan, joins a fantasy football league every year.

Sequences and series. Touchdowns and tackles. Derivatives and integrals. Field goals and fumbles.

Calculus and football.

Although these two things seem to have nothing in common, calculus teacher Elaine Drugan has been juggling the two since 2003.

“I started because I enjoyed watching football with my boys,” Elaine said. “I knew that they were going away to school, and they were going to have a team, and I figured I should have a team too and then that way we’ll all have a similar hobby.”

Elaine’s son and Latin Teacher Kyle Drugan claims that playing with his mom has been a nice way to bond and spend time together.

“My mom and I have a good time playing fantasy football together,” Kyle said. “I usually help her pick players, but she definitely knows what she is doing.”

Elaine claims that sports have always been a part of her life and that football has been her favorite for about eight years now.

“I’ve always loved watching sports,” she said. “Growing up in Boston, I was a huge Red Sox and Celtics fan along with my dad and my brothers.”

She has gotten to the Super bowl in her league five times and has won twice.

“I just draft well,” she said. “I’ve had Peyton Manning, and this year I had Russel Wilson and Tom Brady as my quarterbacks. I pick out a rookie now and then and sometimes they end up doing really well, I just scout ahead of time.”

Although Fantasy Football is just a hobby, Elaine enjoys the bonding time with her son, the happiness and the fun that comes with it.

“It’s kind of an escape,” Elaine said. “Most of time you’re on a really set routine of all that you have to get done to do a good job at work. But fantasy football has been a fun way to relieve some stress and is something I will definitely continue.”