Athlete Role Models Impact Student Lives


Ciara Urrutia

Pointing to the sky, senior Joshua Hoover poses as Charles Woodson. “Charles Woodson has great leadership skills and displayed them in 1997 [when] leading his team to the National Championship,” Hoover said.

No-look passes, gold medals and determination are all results of having a good role model. A role model is someone whose success could be emulated by others. Many athletic students find inspiration from famous sports players.
Junior Lauren Carag’s role model, Casey Clark, overcame what looked like impossible obstacles. Clark inspires Carag’s belief that she can still succeed.
“Clark affected me personally, because her story makes me remember that I can still do great in the pool, even though I am injured,” Carag said. “Clark swam at Premier Aquatics Club of Klein; the same club I go to. She had a shoulder injury but still received a free ride to Rice University and made it to the Olympic trials. My knee injury [has] prevented me from doing [many things], but she helps me strive to get healthy and improve in the pool.”
Coach Charles Gabbard’s role model was Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr. Gabbard and his teammates admired Johnson, who played for the Los Angeles Lakers for 13 seasons and is honored as one of the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players in History.
“He was the ultimate team player,” Gabbard said. “He did everything. He could rebound, shoot and pass. I would do no-look passes like him to fool everyone in the gym. He was so passionate in the way he played.”
Role models show their commitment to the sport they love, according to junior Joshua Dorsey. Bastian Schweinsteiger is currently a midfielder on Manchester United’s soccer team. He was also captain of Germany’s national team and is Germany’s fourth most capped player of all-time.
“Bastian Schweinsteiger is the reason I keep considering playing,” Dorsey said. “He’s stayed in it for so long and done so well. He makes me want to keep on working harder and playing soccer.”
It is possible for anyone to be a role model if they have strong values, according to senior Chelsea Bolton. Bolton’s sister taught her how to reach her goals and prepare for the future. With the help of her sister’s example, Bolton has maintained a high GPA while being an involved student athlete.
“She works so hard to be successful,” Bolton said. “She has shown me that if you’re determined, dedicated and disciplined enough that you can reach any goal.”
A role model leads by example and inspires those around them to rise up to the challenge, according to Carag.
“Role models create the foundation for the new leaders,” Carag said. “They show us the results of dedication and hard work. They makes us believe that we too can reach our goals.”