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The Impact of FCA

Created through Canva by Emma Bohmann

     Our school has done a marvelous thing by incorporating students’ beliefs and faith not only into sports, but their daily lives as well through a club called Fellowship of Christian Athletes. FCA has connected the athletic teams on a different level of respect, teamwork, faith, and Christian fellowship.

     “During FCA we either have some officers or Coach Penright and we’ll talk about Jesus,” sophomore James Brady said. “Some of us will find a verse and we’ll discuss it, and we do that every Thursday morning at 6:45. It really gets the day going good.” 

     Clubs or extracurricular activities students participate in have a lot to do with who they are as a person and how they wish to be perceived by their peers.

     “I wanted to be a part of FCA, so when people saw me they saw me as a Christian, and know I follow Christ and maybe that could help them come closer to Christ.”

     Having faith is a journey that can not take place overnight. Faith takes consistency.

     “My faith is way better than it used to be. I used to not really care or know him, but now I care more about trying to know ‘Him’ and being in FCA helps a lot with that because he’s on your mind more in FCA. My whole life I went to church but not a lot and now I feel like I’m going to church more and I’m doing more.”

     By connecting yourself to your faith you can help others in ways you didn’t think were possible.

     “The whole reason I got into FCA was to make an impact where other people can get closer to Christ. It makes me get out of my shell more which I’m still working on but FCA helps with that. I bring faith into the classroom by respecting the teachers. I mostly just try to be a good example. I think I positively impact people in sports. [We] pray before games and a lot of people join in. I feel like they saw [us] as people who wanted to give thanks to God for letting us go out there and be able to play. I think a lot of people seeing that and joining in might have brought them closer.”


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