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Cartoon Networks’ Newest Cartoon Fails to Impress


I do not believe I have ever been as disappointed in Cartoon Network as I was after the premiere of their new show Uncle Grandpa on September 2.

Uncle Grandpa is essentially about a magical humanoid that claims to be the uncle and grandfather of everyone in the world, who travels around the world to help children with their everyday problems. He does this with the help of his friends Pizza Steve, a walking slice of pizza, Gus, a human-sized Godzilla-like creature, a pet Tiger whom he calls Giant Realistic Flying Tiger for the obvious reason that the tiger is animated in a much more realistic manner than the other characters, and Belly Bag, his magical talking fanny pack that has similar abilities to Marry Poppins’ purse, being as it is bigger on the inside.

Most of us remember watching the old Cartoon Network as we grew up. Shows like Dexter’s Laboratory, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Powerpuff Girls, Tom and Jerry and Ed Edd and Eddy were the pinnacle of classic Cartoon Network. The network soon began a revolution of new-age cartoons with shows like The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, Adventure Time, Regular Show and The Amazing World of Gumball by adding a sense of randomness and going a step further with their relatable humor that most television shows require today.

Uncle Grandpa, however, makes me feel as if I am hallucinating from dehydration. That “randomness” aspect has been taken to a point where there is nearly no plot nor sequence of events. When you have to take Tylenol after watching a cartoon, it is probably not the best thing for you, (let alone children), to watch on television.

I would not recommend this show to anyone. To put it simply: Cartoon Network has gone too far.