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Jordan Harley, Staff Writer

I'm a super geek. Don't call me a nerd, there's a difference. It is a proven fact that if you introduce me to your fandom, I will become obsessed with it in a matter of minutes, but I might never admit it to you. It would take too long to name off my fandoms, but my main ones are Adventure Time, Supernatural, Regular Show, Gravity Falls, How I Met your Mother, many animes, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Doctor Who!

Now, when I say Doctor Who, I mean it. If you want to know me, get ready for an avalanche of Doctor Who to punch you in the face. I also love writing, drawing, playing video game, cosplaying and geocaching. I love my family. People such as my mom, dad, siblings and even two of my good friends are the people that remind me just how great my life is, and the ones that fuel my love of writing.

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Jordan Harley