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New CineMark opens on Kuykendahl to rave reviews


Hannah McGee / Legacy Media

New CineMark theater located on Kuykendahl opens to the public.

Just a few weeks ago, the new CineMark on Kuykendahl opened its doors to the public. Some cinemas, like Silverado 19, have other parts to the theater, such as an arcade or a separate eating area. Senior Jelisa Allen, an employee at the new CineMark, described similar aspects of the new theater.

“It is different because everything’s self-served. It operates like a Luby’s because you get your tray and your food and then you pay for it around the corner. While you’re waiting for your movie to start, you can hang out in the arcade with your friends.” Allen said.

One may be wondering what the interior of the individual theaters or the lobby looks like. Junior Skylar Morgan, also an employee at the theater, described the scene.

“It is really nice. It is more modern, and everyone is a lot nicer to you. The theater screens are wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, so they are a lot bigger than normal theater screens. Plus, the seats are leather. They are more comfortable to sit in and they rock back more easily. Skylar said. I also like the lobby because it’s all neutral colors, instead of just the stereotypical red and black. It creates a more calm environment for everyone.”

I like it a lot more than the Woodlands one.

— Alondra Diaz

Everyone seemed to love this new movie theater. The only thing they didn’t agree with was the building’s policy on free refills.

“It was nice and clean, and it’s a lot closer to me. It just stinks that they do not have free refills,” freshman Christopher Buckner said.

When asked to compare the new CineMark to other nearby cinemas, sophomore Alondra Diaz had this to say.

“I like it a lot more than the Woodlands one because it looks like more of a teenager hangout,” Diaz said. “I consider it my favorite theater.”