State-wide moment of silence held for fallen officer


Sydney Sokora / Legacy Media

Students participate in state-wide moment of silence.

Commemorating the death of Houston police officer Darren Goforth, students, school officials and teachers gathered on Sept. 9 at the front of the school. For one minute, Klein law enforcement stood in formation. ROTC members presented arms, and the lights of the police cars flashed blue and red in Goforth’s memory. All were silent.

Sophomore Geoffery Sisemore, an ROTC flight commander, ordered the salute.

“It was a good thing to do,” Sisemore said. “It really shows how much people care about each other, and it feels good to be with people who do. It was a way to show respect and he deserved it.”

According to assistant principal Tyson Raleigh, who used to be a police officer, he wanted to involve as many students as possible.

“It was important to me to honor the deputy and his sacrifice for our community,” Tyson said. “We all have a responsibility to protect our community and he did just that.”

The moment of silence was timed to coincide with the officer’s funeral and was performed state-wide.