High school myths: busted

The true story of high school isn’t anything like what you’ve seen on TV

A person could expect so much when going into high school because of all the preconceived notions planted in their head through the years. The rumors and myths are rampant so most incoming freshmen have an idea of what high school will consist of by the time they make it there. However, more often than not, the ideas wither away as nothing more than a myth. Here’s a guide to myths that should be debunked today.

1. The school is split up into cliques
When walking into the school, students often expect to see everyone split up into cliques: jocks, nerds, band geeks, introverts…the list could drag on. In high school, this is certainly not the case. Sure, students from similar organizations hang out with each other, but there is usually a mixture. Everyone hangs out with their friends, not thinking about what clique they belong to.

2. You find your soul mate in high school
Some students will enter a serious relationship in high school and believe they have found their high school sweet heart and soul mate all in one. This will happen in some cases, but do not waste 4 years looking for a relationship that leads to a proposal in high school.

3. Freshmen get bullied
Hollywood is cruel. No one gets thrown into a trash can or stuffed into a locker in high school. In fact, most upper classmen either consider the wide-eyed freshmen cute or steer clear of them.

4. Everyone has to climb the rope during gym class
For those with a fear of heights, the horror is over. There is no rope.

5. The class gossiper
The reality is that everyone in high school gossips so there is no way to narrow it down to one person who independently spreads rumors around the entire school.  If  you have a secret that you do not want shared, keep it to yourself.

6. High school has horrible cafeteria food
We have all heard of the “mystery meat” that is supposedly served in high school. The cafeteria food in high school is not as bad as the myths say and the lunch ladies do not plop whatever they can find onto your tray .There are several options, so if something seems questionable, you can easily get in another line.

7. Food fights
When going into high school, many students are waiting for their first food fight. Simply put: it is strange and unfortunate if you witness one. People are too busy waiting in line, eating or socializing to start a food fight.

8. There is a musical number at every corner
In several movies, people randomly burst into song in the cafeteria, the class room or even the hallway. This myth is built up by movies and is completely unrealistic so do not worry about having to stand up on the desks randomly for a musical number. Unless theater is putting on a musical, in which case expect random musical numbers.

9. Popularity is key
Students are maturing, finally, and not focusing so much on who is popular and who is not. Focus on making friends that will stick around no matter what. Popularity is not important in high school, and especially not beyond that.

10. High school is the best four years of your life
High school is built up to be the best four years of your life. While for some this may be true, for others it is only the beginning. There is so much more to life beyond high school, and often people forget that.

High school is not as terrifying as it seems. Myths like these make it seem like something entirely different than it actually is. You will eventually learn that most of the things you hear about high school are not true. It is up to you to figure out what is true, one day at a time.