Get your head in the game

Freshman football player unable to play without fitting helmet


Hannah McGee / Legacy Media

Freshman football player unable to play until a fitting helmet is found.

“My coaches couldn’t find one big enough.”

Brendon Garbee, an offensive lineman for the freshmen football team, discovered his head was too large for any helmet, leaving the team astounded.

“I tried out on the first day of school, and when I received my gear, I was shocked to find out my helmet didn’t fit,” Garbee said. “Without a helmet, I was basically just a trainee for the football team because I was unable to play.”

Without a helmet, Garbee ran laps around the field during practices and occasionally ran drills with the team, but was prohibited from playing.

“I went to every game except for two and I was not allowed to play in any of them,” Garbee said. “I was bored because I would rather be out there playing with everyone else, not benched.”

Garbee waited patiently, not knowing when he was going to receive a helmet, fearing that it would to be too late.

“I was afraid that I wasn’t going to receive my helmet until the end of the season,” Garbee said. “This was difficult because this doesn’t happen often in football and I don’t think I have the average sized head.”

Knowing that this was rare, especially for a freshman, the coaches decided to order a helmet for the young athlete.

“We ordered one, but that usually takes a while,” freshmen football coach Chris Griffin said. “One player, who was injured and incapable of playing, turned in his helmet, so we let Brendon try it on, and it fit.”

Garbee’s friends and teammates, hoping that he would be able to play with them soon, were excited when he received his helmet.

“It affected Brendon mostly, but of course we all wanted him to play,” freshman Samuel Laurel said. “He finally got his helmet and was able to play in the game against Kingwood.”

Now that Garbee is able to play, he is appreciative of the coaches for helping him.

“Football means a lot to me, and I am glad they found a helmet in time. I’m just really happy to be playing.”