Sweet Scentsy sensation


Kelly Badger / Legacy Media

Scentsy becomes popular holiday gift.

As the air gets colder and the holidays approach, seasonal fragrances start popping up in stores. Candle warmer company, Scentsy, offers a variety of holiday fragrances like Christmas Cottage and Pumpkin Marshmallow.

Founded by Orville and Heidi Thompson in 2004, Scentsy distributes products through independent consultants running home-based businesses, and also allows clients to host “Scentsy parties,” where party-goers can sample different products and make purchases.

Melissa Mielitz is a certified consultant for Scentsy Inc. She explains Scentsy as a family-owned corporation in the direct selling industry.

“Scentsy warmers and scented wax are just one of the different products the Scentsy family offers,” she said.  “There are other direct selling opportunities available under the same company.”

Mielitz first got involved with Scentsy when she received a warmer as a housewarming gift from a friend. She enjoyed that the warmer provided an easy alternative to candles.

“I used to burn candles all the time but did not like the open flame or the look of the candle when it burned unevenly,” she said. “I love that with Scentsy warmers you receive the same scent effects without the worry of a flame or the rules to burn candles evenly.”

A wide range of products are offered, from laundry necessities, to bath and body products and stuffed animals. Besides selling electric, wickless candles, Scentsy sells different products for the home and on-the-go scents for travel and cars. Senior Tyler Fisher particularly enjoys a couple of their products.

“There are different sizes of the warmers,” she said. “There is one to put in the wall and there is one to sit on your desk. I have the bigger one. They also have scents that I use for my car. The products are nice to have and they are easy to use.”

With the holidays coming up, senior Rachael Mielitz said it can be a struggle to find the perfect gift. She believes Scentsy products make good holiday gifts because they appeal to a wide range of ages.

“People like my mom enjoy the holiday scents,” she said. “Some of the other products they have besides the actual warmer and scent block are great for kids or teens, like the Scentsy buddy, perfume, room spray and body wash.”