Things you don’t know about Klein Collins


Sydney Sokora / Legacy Media

In high school, students are faced with several changes in rules such as being allowed to carry backpacks and not being required to use lockers.

As the bell rings, students crowd the hallways. It seems everyone has somewhere to be, and knows exactly where they’re going. Slipping into the nearest bathroom brings an overwhelming feeling of embarrassment, as people of the
opposite gender begin to stare.

This embarrassing situation has affected a student at some point. What most new students fail realize about high school, along with other things, is that the sides of the bathrooms alternate every now and then.

“Yes, I walked into the boy’s bathroom by accident once,” junior Syairah Hayden said. “I saw a guy and we made eye contact just before I sprinted out the bathroom in utter embarrassment. Now I always make sure I look to see which bathroom is which before entering, so I will never run into surprises again.”

Most high school freshman also do not know that stopping at their locker between every class may not be necessary. According to senior Sarah Hodges, locker use becomes limited.

“Since we’re allowed to carry our bags to class, no one uses lockers much,” Hodges said.

According to Hayden, going from middle school to high school can be a dramatic change because students must learn to be independent. She feels that every student must go through a transition to help them adjust.

“Students are basically responsible for themselves,” Hayden said. “It’s a really hard adjustment to make because they have to develop independence.”

While this adjustment may be difficult, the school provides resources to help students stay on track, such as the school store, which sells school supplies and snacks at lunch.

“The school store is run by the DECA club,” junior DECA officer Aruba Kahlon says. “The store contains merchandise such as supplies and snacks as a convenience to the student body and this year we’re planning on adding more.”

Sophomore Claire Cooper feels that school spirit also relieves stress and eases the high school experience. Several incoming freshman do not know that pep-rallies are held in the commons before football games to get students motivated.

“School spirit is very important here,” Cooper said. “The more students get involved in activities, the better their experience will be.”

Extra-curricular activities are also made to help enhance student’s high school experience and find their passion. From HOSA to cheerleading, students are offered a variety of activities, also having the opportunity to create their own.

“The range of activities offered here is amazing,” junior Manahil Bilal said. “There’s something for everyone and for all their interests.”

Junior Jules Ilunga agrees, and feels that these activities help students find others with similar interests.

“Extracurricular activities were more fun than I thought,” junior Jules Ilunga said. “You meet a lot of new people and a couple of potential friends.”

Although students must make several changes, there’s a lot to learn about the new campus, Junior Jake Zachary believes that every student learns at a different pace, and eventually finds their way.

“Middle school to high school is rough, but students have to realize they can’t mess around anymore and they have to stay on top of their work for the next four years,” Zachary says. “For me it was tough to balance extra curricular activities and homework, but once they find the balance they will find time in high school soaring by.”