Written in the stars

Students rely on zodiac signs for guidance


Sydney Sokora / Legacy Media

Several students use their zodiac signs for guidance and support.

Day after day, many follow the same routine of checking their daily, weekly and monthly horoscope. Depending on what a certain zodiac symbol is, a horoscope gives inside information about how to keep your life on track.

The story of the zodiac symbols originates in ancient Greece. People used to believe that their specific “symbol” defined who they were as human beings. This was determined by their birthday. Carried through many generations, zodiac symbols continue to remain a popular phenomenon.

To some students, a zodiac symbol means more than just a fun thing to research. According to junior Sophia Pakravan, these symbols hold value and truth.

“Common traits of an Aries include good leadership and competitiveness,” Pakravan said. “I’m a very strong-willed person and completely believe this is because I was born in April.”

Many people have paid special attention to their zodiac and are eager to find more information about their symbol.

“Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always had a special interest in my zodiac sign,” sophomore Jada Vidal said. “Every once in a while I love looking up my sign, Scorpio, on the internet to see new stuff I haven’t read about it.”

Students use websites and apps to understand their zodiac sign.
Sydney Sokora / Legacy Media
Students use websites and apps to understand their zodiac sign.

To true believers of the zodiac, their symbol can be looked at as a model of how to run their lives.

“I always stop and think, ‘How can I take control of this situation?’ or ‘How can I not be a follower?’” Pakravan said. “It’s fun to keep in mind my traits and use being an Aries to become a better person.”

While some enjoy a quick, fun read about their zodiac sign, others take it more seriously and believe in what they read.

“My zodiac descriptions are extremely accurate to me,” English teacher Amber Wallace said. “I’m a very analytical person and it’s like reading a description of me. I find it a little too coincidental.”