Two is better than one

Twins Avery and Harrison Worzel share special relationship


Hannah McGee / Legacy Media

Twins Harrison and Avery Worzel share many physical and mental qualities, bringing them closer as siblings.

Twins. According to myths, they understand each other perfectly, feel each other’s pain and read each other’s minds. The rumors are endless.

As twins, Freshmen Avery and Harrison Worzel often hear these myths. Throughout the years, Harrison has found that most of them are untrue and have been created solely for entertainment purposes.

“I can sometimes tell what she’s going to say by her facial expressions,” Harrison said. “That’s about it.  I’m sure I’d know if she was in some kind of danger, but I don’t believe in that whole twin telepathy thing.”

Although Harrison finds the rumors to be untrue, Avery feels differently. For her, some of the myths have proven to be true, causing her to anticipate dangerous situations.

“About two years ago, my brother broke both of his arms,” Avery said. “Before I knew about the situation, my wrists were hurting a little bit. I could tell something was wrong. I don’t know if they had anything to do with each other, but I definitely felt something.”

According to their mother, Chantell Worzel, the relationship Avery and Harrison share is unique and truly one of a kind. She feels as if they are much closer than most siblings, and can really understand each other.

“They’re best friends,” Worzel said. “They care about each other and fight to protect each other more than usual. Like normal siblings, they do fight and have their disagreements, but at the end of the day, they really do love each other.”

To Harrison, the positive moments definitely outweigh the disagreements in his relationship with Avery.

“If we fight, it’s usually about really small stuff, like her leaving the toothpaste out or something,” Harrison said. “Other than that, we are very close and we always know what’s going on with each other. There will always be some challenges with siblings, but at the end of the day, I’ll always love her.”