Dancing for her dreams

Senior works toward a career in dance


Courtesy photo from Sydney Loggins

Senior Ginnifer Joe hopes to pursue a career in choreography.

The spotlight blinds her as she stares into the crowd, the audience awaiting her performance. Anxiety fills every bone in her body and as the emotions begin to overwhelm her, the music starts. She suddenly feels free and alive. Her smooth and delicate motions take over the stage. The music and passion fill her, and as the routine ends, the crowd roars with applause.

Since the age of two, senior Ginnifer Joe has found her passion in dance. With 15 hours of practice a week, most of her time is spent in the one place she feels at home—the dance studio.

“I’ve been dancing since I learned to walk,” Joe said. “Practice makes perfect. The dance world is so competitive, so it’s necessary to practice that often if I want to make it as a dancer.”

Former student Sydney Loggins supports Joe in all of her endeavors and says that this hard work and dedication is what makes her a successful dancer.

“Every day after school Ginnifer is in the dance room working on something, and most nights she’s taking classes at different studios,” Loggins said. “She’s very passionate about everything she sets her mind to, and anything she tries to do, she won’t stop until she’s great at it. Her dedication makes the possibilities in her future endless.”

From traveling all around the country to learning dance moves from famous choreographers, Joe is constantly focusing on dance. To Joe, this work often becomes overwhelming. Regardless, she spends time perfecting her routines and thinking about the future.

Senior Ginnefer Joe has been dancing since she was two-years-old.
Courtesy photo from Sydney Loggins
Senior Ginnifer Joe has been dancing since she was two-years-old.

“At times, I feel like I can’t overcome something, but then I look back and see everything I’ve accomplished,” Joe said. “Dance has taught me to persevere and never give up on my dreams.”

Watching Joe grow up and become an experienced dancer has also been a journey for her mother, Gina Joe. She says she feels lucky to have such a talented daughter who is motivated to follow her dreams.

“She makes me proud all of the time,” she said. “I’m not saying that we don’t have arguments like most parents and teenagers, but she’s a total blessing and sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve her. She’s so talented in everything she chooses to do.”

Senior Ashley Fountain draws inspiration from Joe’s work ethic and heart, hoping to use the same kind of dedication to achieve her own dreams.

“Ginnifer gives me hope that I can do anything in the world,” Fountain said. “Seeing her follow her dreams makes me want to follow mine. She makes me a better person, and having her in my life is a rewarding experience.”

Joe appreciates the support and hopes to continue her passion. Even with the support of her friends and family, things often become overwhelming and difficult because of the hours of endless practicing. At times like these, Joe draws inspiration from her audience, staying stronger and more motivated than ever.

“Even when I’m having a bad day, it’s rewarding to know that I’m doing what I love,” Joe said. “My love and passion pushes me to keep going, along with the end product and how it makes the audience feel. Dancing makes me feel like I can do anything, and when I dance, I know the possibilities are endless.”