Walking on sunshine

Teacher dares to venture beyond comfort zone


Karley Crawford / Legacy Media

Adventurous teacher Cheryl Gold enjoys spending her time trying new things.

“Be the sunshine today.”

These are the words Algebra teacher Cheryl Gold leaves her students with after every class. To her, teaching math is about more than equations and fractions; it is about making a difference, and encouraging students to reach their potential.

“I love my students,” Gold said. “Since I didn’t have children of my own, teaching and encouraging them gives me the opportunity to make a difference.”

Once she began to teach, Gold knew that she found her passion. She feels a personal connection with her subject, and hopes to spread the knowledge and love of learning to her students.

“Math has never let me down,” she said. “I can depend on math no matter what, it’s always been here for me. People will fail, people will make mistakes, but I can always count on math.”

She tries to keep the same positive attitude that she carries for math in all other aspects of her life. From raising chickens in her backyard, to skydiving, to visiting foreign countries, Gold believes in living a life of adventure.
“Every year I try to do two adventurous things,” she said. “About four years ago I started this tradition. I realized that life just kind of passes by. I need to make it a goal because if I don’t, I’ll never do it.”

Her sense of adventure and love for teaching inspires her students on a daily basis. Senior Ashley Fountain leaves the classroom motivated every day, ready to take on new challenges.

“Ms. Gold always gives inspirational quotes at the end of every class; it’s something I look forward to,” she said. “I love her because she makes math enjoyable. She is my spirit animal and the kind of person I want to be when I’m older.”

For Gold, it is all about enjoying every step of the journey. She looks forward to her future adventures, inside and outside of the classroom.

“I hope to teach in a foreign country someday,” she said. “I love teaching and trying new things. Helping students unlock their potential and be all that they can be makes every day worthwhile.”