One to One Initiative arouses questions, concerns


Following the 2006 Texas Education Agency mandate to provide students with 24 hour access to technology by 2020, all students will be equipped with tablet PCs for the following school year. The arrival of the tablets brings about an array of questions for both students and parents.

UPDATE FROM KLEIN ISD PRESS RELEASE – Due to the overwhelming response at the July 31st parent meeting for the Tablet PC computer initiative, Klein Collins will be hosting another parent meeting Thursday evening, August 9th, at 6:30pm, in the Klein Collins auditorium. KCHS administrationwill cover the same information that was covered at the previous meeting, and parents will also have an opportunity to purchase one of the two protection plan options that will be discussed in the meeting and is available for your review on this website.

In order to receive a tablet, students must pay one of two protection coverage options provided by Hewlett Packard. The first, a nonrefundable Accidental Damage and Protection Coverage, costs $75 and will cover any accidental damages without any extra charge. The second, a refundable Tablet PC Security Deposit, costs $200. However, the $200 is refunded given that the tablet is in pristine condition once returned. In order to encourage early payments, students seeking early parking passes must first pay for their coverage plan. However, all students, regardless of whether they have paid or not, will be able to purchase parking passes beginning the first day of school.

Despite the extra costs that come with the one to one movement, both the state and district believe that providing a technological classroom represents a better learning environment for today’s students, and is worth the investment.

“We had to figure out how to go from the traditional classroom setting with chalk boards and lectures, to the interactive technological setting students need and are accustomed to in their day to day lives,” Matheson said. “Kids today can multitask, so consequently their attention span is very short. They like constant stimulation. For adults it can be a distraction, for students it’s actually invigorating and stimulates their learning.”

Specially made for the district by HP, the brand new tablets come equipped with Learning Management System. The web based system allows students to complete assignments and tests on their tablets. LMS also provides DyKnow Vision, which lets teachers monitor student work and send messages regarding classwork. Matheson believes that this encompasses one of the most beneficial aspects of going one to one.

“Administrators have learned that students who are disengaged, disenfranchised or disruptive, are the kids who are struggling academically and not getting the lesson and don’t want anyone to know that they’re struggling,” he said. If the teacher can look on that student’s computer and see that they’re struggling and very discreetly send them a message and help them get on task, then maybe that student will start to grasp those concepts, and consequently won’t act out from frustration.”

The provided stylus allows students to take notes directly onto their tablets via OneNote. As a security measure each tablet is furnished with a tracking device. Students who chose not to purchase a coverage plan will be given alternative paper assignments. Tablets will be distributed to students Sept. 17.