Student-created iPhone app allows quick access to grades


Breeanna Kutyba / Legacy Media

GradePro allows parents and students to access grades and a tentative GPA.

In a world of ever-present technology, having a phone with Internet capabilities is commonplace. With that level of connection, students have grown comfortable in the ability to have instant access to their information.

Wes Cossick, a 2013 graduate of Klein High School and current freshman at Baylor University, created GradePro, the app equivalent to GradeSpeed. Cossick’s app allows students instant access to grades wherever they are.

“Being at the top of my class, I was checking my grades frequently but it was pretty difficult to do that in school. Even outside of school, it was a slow process,” he said. “When I was a sophomore, as a challenge to myself and a fun project, I started building a mobile version for myself.”

The app color codes grades and allows users to view each assignment with corresponding grades. In the premium version, users get advanced features including a GPA calculator and grade change trackers.

“I wish I had known about the app sooner because it’s so handy to have, I only had to log in once and now I can check my grades whenever I want,” senior Nisha Singh said.

GradePro can be found in the app store for free.