Students staying busy

Hobbies provide positivity in teenage life


Hannah McGee / Legacy Media

Healthy TImes reports that people with hobbies live healthier and happier.

Bird watching, stamp collecting, reading, writing and running. Hobbies that provide a fun way to break down a daily routine are beneficial to students because they free the body and mind of stress and aid in maintaining a healthy mental balance. 

Senior Noah Rorick, who regularly rock climbs, is ecstatic about the new rock climbing facility, Inspire Rock.

“I’ve been rock climbing since I was a little boy,” Rorick said. “I love it because it makes me feel alive and on top of the world, nothing can touch me. It’s awesome that I can go whenever I want.”

Senior Jose Medina keeps fit and entertained outside of school by bringing a fictitious sport to life from the popular Harry Potter series.

“My favorite sport is Quidditch, even though it’s technically not considered a real sport yet,” he said. “It’s very much real and still growing. Quidditch is basically an edgy, dangerous combination of all the sports. Plus you only have one free hand, the other holds a broom between your legs.”

Other than athletics, students also transform their musical talents into a hobbies to remain occupied while expressing themselves freely.

“I love to play the piano,” junior Carlos Figueroa said. “It’s challenging and I’m always up for a good challenge. I take my piano playing to the next level by writing my own music. It’s fun and creative and I love that.”

Also musically inclined, freshman Jackson Lightfoot uses his music and mixing abilities to keep busy.

“During my spare time, I love to recreate dubstep music,” he said. “I mix music to sound electronic and techno. I prefer listening to my mixes than the original song.”

No matter the activity of choice, hobbies are an outlet necessary for teens to unwind and release pent-up energy.