Part Two: Study Shows Celebrity News Dominating Press

Summer Salim, Staff Writer

Read part one here.

Based on a Newsweek poll, 77 percent Americans think that young girls are overly influenced by celebrities.

“Celebrity news presents a false reality for teens,” Newton said. “I think that teenagers are a lot smarter than what they are made out to be and I think the affects of the media on teens is a bit exaggerated, because celebrities are more of an escape to a fantasy world. Celebrity news targets the people who want to get away from their own lives for a little bit, and teenagers, unfortunately, fall victim to that.”

Government teacher Clara Bell said she believes that celebrity news has negative effects on teenagers.

“This is especially evident in their appearance and attitudes, Bell said. “Leading celebrities which some teens idolize are spiraling out of control with drugs, alcohol, and poor body image. Hard work and climbing the ladder to success are portrayed, but not nearly enough.”

Only percent of the public believes that politics are covered too much, while less than 10 percent say that that the economy and international news are covered too little.

“My dad keeps up with the actual news and my mom keep up with celebrity news,” Ciaramitaro said. “It is has affected me in a positive way because I have a great understanding of what is going on in the world of politics and celebrities.”