Klein Collins declassified

A high school survival guide


Karley Crawford / Legacy Media

Klein Collins High School was built 13 years ago, in 2001, and continues to strive for success.

Preconceived ideas from TV shows, magazines and movies can cause a person to expect so much when walking through doors of the school for the first time. Whether they are expecting flash mobs in the hallway or getting dumped in a trashcan by upperclassmen, high school experiences will always consist of surprises.

Going into freshman year can be confusing, scary and definitely interesting. There is always one thing that students wish they could have done differently regarding their academics, social life and goals. Whether it was studying harder, going out more or not working hard enough to achieve their goals, some surefire tips from upperclassmen could have definitely helped.

“When I entered my freshman year, I felt a little bit lost,” junior Madison Pruden said. “I talked to upperclassmen and they gave me really good advice that helped me to be successful.”

Pruden believes that the advice she received from upperclassmen helped her get through the year. Senior Aya Owida advises freshmen to work hard and to believe that they can be successful.

“You have to work for good grades,” Owida said. “So you will pull that one all-nighter every once in a blue moon. Try not to but it could happen. You also have to work toward a healthy social life.”

According to Owida, trying hard to be successful and ready for the future should definitely one of each freshman’s top priority.

“Your number one priority during your four years at Klein Collins should be to come out on top with minimal bruising,” Owida said. “Learn time management and how to balance things because life’s coming whether you like it or not.”

Acing academics

The transition of workload from junior high to high school is a big one—stricter deadlines, late nights at the desk and last minute adjustments at lunch. Although it may not be as dreadful as the junior high teachers made it out to be, they were not far off.

As far as working habits go, they should remain the same—study, work hard and do not procrastinate. Believe me, the last thing a student needs is to be at their desk until three in the morning—students will want to get as much sleep as they can. Junior Madison Troxler believes that being organized can help in keeping a stress-free schedule.

“I used a planner where I would write down the homework for each class every day,” Troxler said. “It helped me keep track of what I needed to do, and you can always check off your list of homework as you finish different assignments. That gives you a sense of organization and accomplishment as you finish and check off everything you needed to do.”

Time is an essential thing that always seems out of reach. Senior Aya Owida believes that prioritizing a schedule correctly can help in reaching some time that can seems unattainable.

“It can be difficult to balance your life and studies,” Owida said. “I would reserve three hours a day just to study or do homework so that I’d still have time for friends or sleep.”

Along with prioritizing time and maintaining a schedule, senior Peter Brassanini thinks that freshmen should also start thinking about college.

“Freshmen should definitely have college in mind,” Brassanini said. “They do not need to worry about it until their junior or senior year, but keeping grades up and making sure they stay up can help in getting a good class rank. This can allow them to get into a good college.”

Surviving socially

Going into freshman year with friends from junior high can be a comforting thought – but there is a big chance that you will not have classes with half of them. So, talk to that girl in French class, get to know your lab partner and become friends with the people in your fifth period – you will have lunch with them.

Schoolwork should always be a number one priority, no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. But if students find themselves saying no to invites too often, then putting down the book and having some fun is not a bad idea. You do not want to become a brick wall.

“It’s fairly important to keep up a social life in high school,” junior Madison Troxler said. “This doesn’t mean you have to go out all the time. You can usually find at least a little time during school to talk to friends like when you have extra class time or during school clubs.”

According to senior Aya Owida, another way to maintain a social life would be to get involved with extra-curricular activities. She believes this is where the ‘high school memories’ form.

“Extracurricular’s are extremely important,” Owida said. “To have fun join clubs. Get involved, and I don’t just mean sign up, actually do something within your chosen activity. Carpe Diem – seize the day, because today will never come again.”

Along with participating in extra-curricular activities, senior Jennifer Barra believes that high school is the time to find interests, friends and to make memories.

“My biggest advice is try new things,” Barra said. “High school is a chance to expand your horizons. Audition for the musical, join random clubs and make different friends. Stay happy and remember life is short. Make the most of these years- go to football games and have school spirit. Don’t think you’re ‘too cool’ for anything because you’ll miss out on the fun.”

Going for the goal

Many people in feel adrift. During freshman year of high school, this feeling can come more often than not. Setting goals can help in the process of adjusting to high school. Whether it is the short-term goal of finishing homework or the long-term goal of being in top 10 percent senior year, goals can help in prioritizing and making sure that students are on the path they need to be.

According to a study conducted on the students of the Harvard MBA program, only three percent had clear goals written out. Ten years later, that three percent went on to make 10 times as much as their classmates, proving that setting goals can help in being more productive and in making people more successful.

“Making realistic goals can really help a freshman,” Senior Kevin Ma said. “It is really important to make goals, because having them can make you a more productive person. Make sure the goals are achievable and challenging enough to make you work hard.”

Ma believes that setting long and short-term goals can also help freshman get through the year. Junior Madison Troxler agrees whole-heartedly.

“It’s really important to make and achieve goals,” Troxler said. “Making goals is a really good way to keep grades up. Spread out work and set daily goals if you have a lot of time instead of just putting everything off until the last minute.”

Along with setting short-term goals that can get you through the day, senior Jennifer Barra believes that setting long-term goals freshmen year can help you succeed in the future.

“As a freshman, you need to decide on where you want to see yourself,” Barra said. “If you want to make the top 10 percent, decide now to make good grades. If you want to be the star athlete, put in extra time outside of school to build a stronger body and to be a better athlete. You, as an individual, can impact the school and you get to decide how. Set goals and work hard to achieve them.”