‘Frozen’ is worth melting for


Animated cast from Disney’s “Frozen.”

In the recently developed Disney movie “Frozen,” a king, queen and their two daughters rule the kingdom of Arendelle. Everything is normal and merry within the kingdom, until an icy secret is revealed that the oldest princess, Elsa, has the mystical power to create ice. It was a fun ability until an accident occurred with her sister, Anna, when she accidently hit her in the head with her powers. Feeling guilty and scared, Elsa thus lived a life of isolation in her room, until her Coronation Day, where she is forced to mingle with the kingdom. Things were going surprisingly well for Elsa, until a fight with Anna pushes her to accidently show her powers to the whole kingdom. Scared, she runs away into the nearby mountains and plans to never return, but in doing so she puts the land in an eternal winter. Anna sets off to find her sister, determined to fix their relationship and the snow falling in the middle of summer.

When I went to see this, I wasn’t expecting much, but the music, characters, animation and central theme hooked me immediately. While most Disney princess films are centered on the love between the heroine and her prince, in “Frozen” the adoration is centered on Anna’s affection for her sister and sacrificial love. There is still romantic love, but it is not as significant as the sisterly love between Anna and Elsa.

The characters were also original, not the perfect people they always seem to be in Disney movies. Instead of them denying and ignoring their problems, they face them head-on and try to fix them. This film felt like a breath of fresh air compared to other Disney films.

In conclusion, “Frozen” has exceeded the expectations of an average movie. I suggest you plan a trip to the theaters as soon as possible and get roped into this adorable film, because it will warm your heart.