It’s not over until it’s ogre

Senior actor participated in “Shrek the Musical” over summer


Reghan Scott / Legacy Media

Senior Tristan Creighton took part in “Shrek the Musical”, and played the part of the “Piped Piper.”

He steps on to the stage to audition for the musical. His feet slowly began to move as he dances to the familiar music. When he receives the callback, a grin crosses his face as he realizes he got the part of the Piped Piper.

Senior Triston Creighton participated in Shrek the Musical at Lone Star College in Tomball over this past summer. He found out about the auditions for the Shrek Musical from the flyers on the call board at school, and was later encouraged to audition by a friend.

“My friend who graduated a few years ago she asked me to do it with her, so really without her I wouldn’t have done it.” Creighton said. “During auditions I was very nervous because there weren’t so many people, I was just very surprised I got the call back.”

Creighton joined to get more experiences with musicals outside of the school. While he was familiar with many thing related to acting, one thing that differed from school theatre was the tap-dancing number he had to perform with his tryout.

Putting hours of practice into his theatre career, senior Tristan Creighton feels that the show has helped him progress as an actor.
Reghan Scott / Legacy Media
Putting hours of practice into his theatre career, senior Tristan Creighton feels that the show has helped him progress as an actor.

“I was in a tap number that lasted a good minute,” Creighton said. “It was the most difficult thing I did.”

Despite the difficulty of the tap dance number, the show did not require as much time as other shows he has been in.

“Shrek was a lot less stressful and [less] time demanding compared to shows I’ve done with the school,” Creighton said. “But other than that, there were no prominent differences.”

Theatre teacher Robin Welch believes in Creighton’s acting abilities, since he has been in a number of productions in and out of school.

“He makes my job easier as his teacher because he has so much experience,” Welch said. “He has been in 3 other musicals with the school. He was previously a supporting role in the Drowsy Chaperon as one of the Toledo brothers. He is also currently in 2 other shows, West side story, and Guys and Dolls.”

Even with all of the differences and obstacles Creighton faced in becoming a member of this cast, he was thankful to be a part of something he was passionate about.

“When I first got called back, I felt so honored, then to make the cast was a true blessing.” Creighton said. “I’ve always loved this show, so to be a part of it was a great thing for me.”