Fairy Tales Can Come True

Student gives opinion on whether or not live action remakes of Disney classics should continue to be produced

Lately, Hollywood has been remaking old movie classics and Disney is no exception. Disney Studios has remade the story “Cinderella” into a live-action film and have many other live action movies in production such as “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Jungle Book.”

Although some may find the live-action remakes odd, these remakes bring the older Disney movies to a new audience. Outshined by the fame of some of their recent movies like “Frozen” and “Tangled,” many younger viewers might not know about the other movies that many have grown up with. These remakes allow viewers to see classic Disney movies in a new light. Seeing a live-action movie adds a sense of realism to the story and lets people of all ages believe in magic. These remakes also bring beloved characters to life, and makes it easier for young girls to look up to the characters as positive role models.

Even with all the positive factors of live-actions films, some people still find things wrong with the remakes. For example, some of those who watch the movie will already know the story line. Some find it pointless to see a movie if they already know how it ends. Also, many live-action films fail to keep the attention of young children, the target audience, for these types of movies. Animated films allow for a character to have large facial expressions and allows characters to get into crazier situations. Imagine a live action Rapunzel swinging around on her hair, Ursula attacking the ships in “The Little Mermaid” or the people turned into furniture in “Beauty and the Beast,” these are scenes better animated than not. Even with this flaw, the live-action movies do not deserve the backlash they have been getting. Animals in the remade films are still animated, letting them do stunts that real animals might not be able to do. Also, seeing live people perform tasks like swinging from their hair might make young kid want to try them. Better safe than sorry.

Some people need to cut Disney come slack. Disney is letting younger audiences enjoy the same film older audiences grew up with. If one doesn’t like the live-action movies, then there is only one solution, do not see them.