Jonathan Selph – Athlete of the week


Olivia Borg / Legacy Media

Senior Jonathan Selph cheers for his teammates from the sidelines.

This week’s athlete is Varsity receiver, senior Jonathan Selph. Due to an injury while playing against Kingwood, Selph has been forced to take to the sidelines. Though Selph is on the sidelines, he hasn’t stopped supporting his team. Selph continues to cheer for his team off of the sidelines.

“It’s a privilege to be athlete of the week,” Selph said. “It’s been rough with the injury and all, but you have to continue to push through it and stay strong.”

He will continue to recuperate, and get stronger while he is injured. Though he might be on the sidelines he will never be alone; with the support of his team, Selph continues to have faith.

“At first I was scared that I wasn’t going to continue to be a part of the team, and that I was going to be on my own,” Selph said. “I know, that with the support of my teammates and the encouragement from my coaches, I can get through this endeavor and beat this injury.”

Everyone is supporting Selph in his journey and looking forward to the return of a great player.