Student receives full volleyball scholarship


Alyssa Jiron / Legacy Media

Senior Tabitha Brown was signed to play for the University of Alabama on Nov. 12.

Senior Tabitha Brown officially signed to play volleyball for the University of Alabama on a full scholarship. She planned on attending this school since her sophomore year, when she verbally committed. Playing the position of an outside hitter and rarely ever leaving the court, Brown often feels overwhelmed.

“I’ve been put in some challenging situations for maturing purposes, such as being a starter on a team full of older girls in both high school and club volleyball,” Brown said.

With the pressure put on her, extreme dedication is required. With all the dedication that Brown puts forth, she often feels socially and academically overwhelmed.

“I give up everything,” she said. “I don’t get lazy Sundays or even a spring break. Most days, I don’t even have time for homework. I still do it, of course.”

Since admission is such a big part of college, it is very important for student athletes to maintain a certain dedication to their sport, while keeping their grades at an ideal point.

“There are no real guidelines to school for me besides ‘just get the work done,’” Brown said. “Because I’m still in high school, that’s not a problem. I will most definitely need some time management help in college.”

Brown expresses her love for her team, saying that they are her source of inspiration and doesn’t know what she will do without them.

“If you don’t have team chemistry, you have no team,” she said. “My girls make me a better player with their encouraging words. Encouragement is what keeps us alive on the court. We support each other in every way possible.”

Her teammates understand how important Brown is to the team.

“Being MVP for the entire district, she was our go-to player,” junior volleyball team manager Amanda Smith said. “If something was going wrong, she was the one we turned to. It’s going to be rough not having her next year.”

Overall, Brown believes she made the right decision regarding her volleyball career. Her love for the sport is sure to carry her far.

“I am diligent,” she said. “Physically, I couldn’t say I sacrifice anything for volleyball. It’s my choice, and hard work is a beneficial choice.”