Staying strong in summer

Strength and conditioning camp to be held over summer break


Bree Kutyba / Legacy Media

Senior Camden Ryder bench presses to maintain his strength.

The annual strength and conditioning camp will be held this summer, starting June 22 and ending July 30 on campus. The camp is 6 weeks long, Monday through Thursday.  Students attending will be working on speed, strength and agility.

“It is important to continue developing strength and speed throughout the summer,” Coach Michael Troutman said. “We do not want the kids to lose what they worked so hard for during the off season by taking the summer off.”

In order to attend the camp there is a fee of $125 as well as a registration form, and a parent consent form. These form can be picked up from Coach Troutman and returned to the school secretary or mailed to the KISD athletic administration office, however it is being discussed to have registration online.

“The camp is $125, so that comes down to about $5 per camp day.” Coach Troutman said. “This is cheaper than any private strength coach you would hire at a public weight gym.”

Traditionally there are three stations set up which the students will transition through. One will be lifting weights, set up in the weight room. The second will set up on the track to increase speed, and the third station will be set up in the gym to work on agility.

“The camp is really awesome, it helps you get stronger for the upcoming season, and although it can be hard the results are worth it,” sophomore Tate Thomlinson said. “Being able to bond with your team and getting to know others from different sports at our school is cool too.”

Coach Troutman encourages all students to attend and try their hardest because strength and conditioning camp is here to benefit all students who would like to work out and stay in shape during the summer. Those who attend the camp should dress appropriately to exercise.

“Students should wear shorts, a comfortable shirt, and proper running shoes. And bring water and a towel,” coach Troutman said. “But always bring a winning attitude and desire to work hard.”