Jasmin Tran – Athlete of the week


Boi-han Nguyen / Legacy Media

Senior Jasmin Tran prepares for her next match.

Senior Jasmin Tran is this week’s featured athlete and is a part of the tennis team. She uses her sport and her teammates to become a better person.

“Tennis helps me to keep things in perspective,” Tran said. “Even in a loss, it makes me realize what it means to keep a positive attitude and be a good sport.”

She dedicates herself to three-hour practices, five times a week. According to her, this can become very stressful to manage. She doesn’t let this difficulty in time management discourage her, because she knows it will eventually pay off.

“Being a part of a team is really nice,” she said. “I love to play and travel to tournaments with my teammates. It’s awesome to see all our hard work pay off.”

Overall, she is a successful tennis player and teammate and views her other teammates as her family.

“My team is my family, they make me work harder,” she said. “Being a part of a team, I feel the constant support they give me. Being a part of this team, I feel like I’m never alone.”