School Fails to Meet National Standards

School Fails to Meet National Standards

Natalia Alamdari, Editor-in-Chief

The school failed to meet Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) set by the No Child Left Behind Act last year. After coming up short in mathematics two years in a row, the district must now implement a Stage 1 School Improvement Program (SIP) over the course of the year.


The requirements must be implemented for the entire school year. Within three months after being indentified for improvement, an LEA (school district) must develop or revise its district improvement plan in consultation with parents, school staff, and others. The district improvement plan must meet certain requirements, one of which is implementing strategies to promote effective parental involvement in the district.

1) The district will be implementing the following activities to address the reasons the district has been identified for district improvement:

2) Implement scientifically-based curriculum and instructional strategies in all core content areas;

3) Ensure resources are available to support intervention strategies; and

Provide intensive and sustained staff professional development.

The district has not officially announced what measures it will take to improve performance on campus, however, state required measures are provided. If, after one year of following SIP requirements, the school once again fails to meet AYP in math, the state will implement its own improvement program. The district asks that any further questions be directed to Lauren Smith, Executive Director, Accountability and School Improvement at 832-249-4323 or by email at [email protected].