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Faculty Member Travels to Pursue Dreams


While walking the halls throughout school, many things will immediately catch one’s eye. However, most people more than likely walk right past the work room. In this room, Brittany Yates has been working to assist teachers and students for 3 years. She’s never complained about her job, but has always wanted a chance to expand her horizons.

Yates’ opportunity to break out came this summer when she received an offer from the Enter Exchange program to teach English abroad. She will be heading to Austria in early October. She said she also had a few friends go through a similar process, which only convinced her more.

“They had an amazing experience,” Yates said. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do as far as the traveling aspect of it. When I was in college I always wanted to do an abroad program and never got to. This is my opportunity to make up for it.”

The decision Yates made was far from easy. Leaving behind many friends and colleagues she has made during her tenure at school is challenging, particularly in the work room. While her friends are excited for her and the opportunity she’s received, they won’t be letting her go easily. Kerri McDuffie and Adolph Roscher are just two of the many educational assistants that Yates has worked with while at Klein Collins. They both were saddened to hear the news of Yates leaving.

“I honestly cried because I can’t work in here without her,” McDuffie said. “I can, but I don’t want to. The comradery and the relationship that we all have in here goes beyond friendship.”

McDuffie has worked with Yates for three years, but also remembers the first time she met her many years ago.

“I actually knew her when she was a little tot playing soccer,” McDuffie said. “Her brother grew up with my brother playing sports, so she was always the sister that was at soccer games. I never thought I’d see the day when I’d see her working in the same place as I am.”

Working with Yates for two years, Roscher was also disheartened about her leaving, but understands why she made her decision.

“I think this is going to be a good opportunity for her,” Roscher said. “She worked really hard. She was always busy doing things for other teachers. It’ll be hard but we’ll press through.”

Not only did Yates make life-long friends throughout the work room, she also made them throughout the entire school. Julie Roberson, a tenth grade social studies teacher, said she and Yates shared a humorous relationship and bounded easily. According to Roberson, not having Yates around will not come as an easy adjustment.

“I’m going to be bored,” Roberson said. “She provides entertainment for me throughout the day. We do prank wars, so my students would prank her and she’d try to come up with things to prank me.”

Roberson also explained that if given the same opportunity as Yates, she’d give it strong consideration.

“It would be awesome to have that cultural experience in a different country,” Roberson said. “I think she made the decision for an adventure, because I know teaching is her passion. It’ll help her fulfill her dreams.”

Though leaving behind all the various people she has befriended since arriving at school will be tough, Yates made it clear that leaving behind students will also be a challenge.

“I’m the Collins Crew sponsor, so leaving all of them is going to be really difficult as well,” Yates said. “It’s a mixed bag of emotions. They’re all excited and think it’s an amazing opportunity, but they’ll be very hard to part with.”

Yates may encounter various obstacles such as jet lag, culture shock, and home sickness, but she has made it clear she will continue to move forward.

“I’d always love to come back, but for now I’d love to see the world,” Yates said. “I don’t know what it’s going to be like, but I’m excited to find out.”

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